Financial Literacy

Join the Movement!

We share a common mission with colleges and universities to empower students in and out of the classroom. Our financial literacy initiative is dedicated to promoting financial empowerment for students. By providing educational content, community support and financial management tools, our mission is to help students gain a better understanding of how to manage their money. By raising students’ awareness, we help them make smarter everyday decisions and establish a foundation for a lifetime of financial health and wellness.

Meet Ash Cash, BankMobile’s Money Expert

Ash Exantus (Ash Cash) is the Director of Financial Education and Senior Financial Empowerment Coach at BankMobile. BankMobile and Ash Cash are starting a movement to financially empower Americans across the nation. Ash Cash provides workshops and step-by-step guides to bring students to their full financial potential, so they can achieve their dreams.

For Students

Money Meter

An interactive budgeting tool for account holders that encourages students to track spending, set up budgets and monitor cash flow.


An innovative program for account holders that recognizes and positively reinforces good financial behavior as well as academic achievement.

Student Success Sweepstakes

Users of the Passport program are entered to win up $10,000 to put toward paying off student loan debt.

For College Administrators


Downloadable information for students and parents within our educational materials storefront.

Financial Workshop Toolkits

All-in-one toolkits designed exclusively for our campus clients, so they can take charge and conduct their own customized on-campus financial literacy workshops. Modules include Money Smarts, Credit Smarts, Insurance 101 and Budget 101.